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Riad authentique


In the heart of the golden triangle (Bab sbaa, Gate of the Clock, and Bab El Menzah) according to the time and activity desired how to contemplate the minaret of the mosques, approaching the sky, near the eguilles of the clock for to live the time and, at night, to pick up the Stars within arm's reach; or, and contemplate the sunset facing the sea "at the end of the nose. ? "

Riad authentique offers this dream of "Little Prince" .a huge terrace has been built so that a parallel life, in height is exhausted whatever the desires ... .So parasols protectors, to provide enjoy the climate all day. A large private terrace has been designed to serve as a setting for breakfasts without trembling the surrounding tranquility.

We are in 2014, but this Riad that you will discover is built for a century. What makes the charm of this traditional house of the Medina is that it is rich in history and gives off a special atmosphere, the heart of history beats in its patio.


The Riad enjoys all possible orientations and great openness.

Each space has its soul, its identity, its personality. We did not create space, it is space that expresses itself and is created almost spontaneously.


* Richly decorated with Zelliges and varnished wood

* Each object of the Riad has been studied always looking for the old and historical side

* All the rooms are decorated differently and the work of the Moroccan maalems will surprise you by its wealth

* Warm colors, Tadalakt, Zelliges, furniture with clean lines and a good service.


This Riad is also a hotel that is defined as the interbreeding of Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary design. One of our guidelines is authenticity; with the know-how and the local materials, in addition to the natural light: We want to receive our guests in Morocco and not in any 5 star hotel, often luxurious but its soul.

At the origin of this pleasant place, with a view of the sea alive and friendly. It all starts with the very look of the house.

Resolutely "Authentic" the patio invites nature to blend into the decor of an interior or any is open at the entrance to best meet a need for functionality and user-friendliness. Thus freed from all constraint, the air and the light appropriated the space with a lot of ease thanks to numerous openings since which, the sky, the sea, the rocks, and the ramparts offer the vision of a world quiet and harmonious; if it's not a magical world!

The effects of contrast do not stop there in the reception, designed in open space, only a glass door stands in separation with the adjoining entrance to the floor. The patio was praying with a Tadalakt effect salmon hue in opposition to all the other walls to further accentuate the light effect. In resonance with this choice of coloring, all accessories, lighting, cushions, tables ...... plays on a panel of wide color, blue, yellow, orange and white whose lead are light and heat.

Here, view sentimentalism, view Mannerism but a radical approach to architecture with large spaces unencumbered and a beautiful high ceiling of 4.60m.This inspires a perfect balance between the needs of light space and volume management Where does the idea of ​​sleeping rooms come from?